How To void Avoid Bogus Double Glazing Installers?

In the recent past there had been reports that a bogus firm in Leicester had been cold-calling homeowners and threatening them if they do not invest in new windows.

One man was even given a death threat if he did not part with his cash for a set of replacement windows. This is extremely damaging to the industry as over the past few years a lot has been done to restore its reputation.

The industry really has been cleaned up in recent years and no longer do you have to worry so much about the reliability of firms providing double glazing

This is because the majority of firms are now registered and recognised by the relevant industry bodies. Meaning that their product lines meets all industry standards and is fit to be installed in any type of home. (FENSA / CERTAS / GGF / DGCOS)

Double Glazing Installers

Any good company should also provide a lengthy guarantee on each of their products so that you can have them fixed or replaced when they go wrong. This will usually be for around 10 years and gives you added peace of mind when you invest a substantial amount of money in a form of home improvement.

Many homeowners nowadays want to give their chosen product that bespoke feel in order to make it more unique and personalised. Installers should be open to any ideas or inspirations that you may have and either make them come true or advise you that they simply aren’t practical or sensible. Either way they should listen to you.

So, how can you void avoid bogus double glazing installers?

If you suspect anything dodgy about a company, you should steer well clear of their service.

You will however find that the majority of firms can be trusted and will provide the most comprehensive of service if you work with a company that is a proper member of CERTASS, GGF, FENSA, DGCOS or similar high profile trade body.

Double Glazing Installers – Avoid Cowboys