Edwardian Orangery Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories evolved from the previous golden ages of conservatory designs, the Georgian Conservatories and the Victorian Conservatories.

Orangery Conservatories

The features that typify Edwardian designs were strong bold lines, efficient design and a feeling of space. These characteristics lend themselves perfectly to the design of conservatories. The classic design of the Edwardian conservatory is a square or rectangular shape with a sloping roof from a central ridge.

They are more formal than say Victorian conservatories and have the sharp sleek lines typical of the Edwardian age. The formal nature of an Edwardian conservatory makes them ideal on older properties although it is certainly not unheard of to have modern properties with Edwardian style conservatories.

The higher sloping roof though does not lend itself to construction on a modern day bungalow.

The rectangular shape of the Edwardian Orangery conservatory gives them several important advantages over other period styles. The basic shape means that they are easier and therefore cheaper to build. With no irregular shapes to construct the design means that components can be easily and cheaply manufactured. The simplicity of the design also means that there are fewer potential issues to deal with.

The simple design also means that the space inside can be utilised that much more efficiently. The Edwardian style effectively provides a nice compromise between the stylish and elegant Victorian conservatories and newer practical ones.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century this style of conservatory has remained as popular as ever, particularly with properties built from that period.

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Edwardian Orangery Conservatories