UPVC Patio Doors – what are the choices in the market?

Many medium to large residential properties have patio doors installed – either by the current or previous owner. But if you are not one of those lucky to have some already fitted or want to make a change, what are your choices?

upvc patio doors

UPVC Patio Doors designs

  • Sliding or inline sliding – these are panels which move sideways within the frame, very popular “starter” doors.
  • French Windows / Doors – they can be called both. A pair of out-swinging or in-swinging doors, usually made up of small panes to look like a checkers board.
  • Bifold or mulitfold – these doors slide & stack to the sides within the main outer frame. Known for maximising opening space.
  • Tilt / turn or tilt / slide – these doors open inward like a regular door. The moving door can also tilt backwards within the frame tog give large amounts of ventilation.

With UPVC patio doors, you can get them in plain white or up to about 12 main colours. You can also get them in wood-grain timber effect finishes.

UPVC is known for being a cost effective material with high energy efficiency properties. It also lasts along time. For use with a door, it’s best to ensure the frames have built-in galvanised metal reinforcing to prevent distortion.

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UPVC Patio Doors Prices and Designs