French Patio Doors Vs Sliding Patio Doors

Both are popular in the UK, but do French patio doors have a lot more advantages than regular sliding patio doors?

french patio doors

If there is a case to use one design over another, then it can be highlighted by looking at the main pros & coons of each design side-by-side.

French Patio Doors Pros & Cons


  • The design of the door with small mullioned glass panes give it a very appealing style – the mullions can be “real” or inserts within the double glazed units.
  • When you open the doors they swing out of the way to the sides, giving you better access for medium to smaller sized openings.
  • No tracks to clog up with dirt.
  • No track so you can’t “de-rail” a door.
  • No track, so they can’t be lifted / levered out of the frame.
  • Can open in or out.


  • For wider openings you either need to fit side or top panels – these are usually fixed in position, so you lose opening space.
  • Swinging doors need to have clear space to open & close.
  • More expensive than sliding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors Pros & Cons


  • Great for wider openings – you can use multiple panels
  • Easy glide track 0 very little effort to open & close.
  • Can cost less for the same sized French door.
  • You can make them look like French doors by using inserts within the double glazed units.
  • Do not take up space in or outside the room when opened.


  • with a 2 door unit, you only get 50% clear opening because the doors overlap when opened.
  • with a 3 door unit you only get 66% / 4 door 75% etc, etc.
  • Some doors can be hard to move if the rollers jam from debris in the tracks.
  • Some believe they are less secure than a regular swing door.

In the end, it could be down to budget or just personal preference when you decide which is best for you. The smart way to go about it is to get a few companies over to survey & quote for you – they will come up with some ideas about design that can help a lot.

If you want to know more about French Patio doors, then this is the website for you:

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