Your Conservatory and Patio Doors – New Window Coverings

During the property boom particularly of the 1990s and early 2000s a lot of people noticed that there were financial opportunities being offered by improving their own homes in the terms of return on investment for their own futures.

It was apparent during this time in the U.K. that if you added an extra room to your property in the form of a conservatory and updated your doors and windows with new UPVC double glazed ones. This would add a great deal to your home and your investment. More than you had spent on the cost of the improvements.

This led to a lot of homes and homeowners in the current economic climate not necessarily being able to sell, but still having big decisions to make about what would be the best coverings for the expanse of glass in the conservatory area and house windows.

With the new updated versions of patio doors this also means that there are more prominent expanses of glass in many homes today which need an effective and stylish covering.

Modern Vertical Blinds for Modern Conservatories and Patio Doors

Window CoveringsWith the large expanses of glass in the modern picture windows and conservatories they not only allow plenty of light into the home, but also produce a goldfish bowl type view into the home from the outside.

Window coverings such as Vertical blinds can be the perfect answer for all these situations for a number of reasons:

The blind slats when angled correctly provide a great way to prevent a clear view for anyone to look into the home from outside. The angled vertical blind slats allow lots of light in through the gaps between the slats but also provide shade when angled all at the same time.

All of which adds to the versatility of vertical blinds. Vertical blind slats are generally much wider than for example horizontal blind slats and do not collect as much dust.

Vertical blind slats can be made from a light coloured fabric which is opaque enough to allow a degree of light and ‘glow’ through the slats themselves, but also to insulate from light when closed. Vertical blinds that are made to measure can be manufactured to cover some very large areas of glass

Subsequently, their suitability for the vertical windows in conservatories and for patio doors perfect. Head rails for the vertical blinds take up little room in terms of height and simply need the appropriate bracket to be fixed in position. Meaning that they can be used above patio doors and in the conservatory.

It is possible to easily position the vertical blind slats to allow a good view but still protect and shade from too much heat and glare from the suns U.V. rays.

SO, ultimately, it’s possible to use them effectively both in the summer and the winter to help maintain comfortable conditions in the conservatory and home. Thereby allowing you to enjoy the sights of the garden and the changing seasons whilst staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Use your conservatory all year round. Find price guides for conservatories here:

Window Coverings For Conservatories and Patio Doors